back to school翻译「back to school的用法详解」

back to school翻译「back to school的用法详解」

Micro English Learning

This is a topic that English native speakers often talk about at the end of summer or the beginning of the next school year. Now, I’m going to share it with you.

Back to School

It’s time to get back to school. Did you notice there are school supplies on sale everywhere in the stores, and a lot of parents talk about buying notebooks, pens, pencils, and next size up clothing for their kids? Now we aren’t kids, but we all definitely experienced that back to school. So, if you want to start some conversations on this topic with your friends, neighbors or colleagues, you could use following questions like:

a. Where did you go?

b. What about clothes shopping?

c. Are you all caught up on your school supply shopping?

d. Did you find any good deals?

e. What are all the kids into these days?

f. Do you get that back to school feeling too?

g. Is there a specific brand of shoes or clothing style that your kid wants?

These questions give us the opportunity to talk about how they also have that feeling and all the different things that are associated with it.

back to school翻译「back to school的用法详解」

这是一个以英语为母语的人在夏末或新学年开始时经常谈论到的话题 。现在,我来分享给你们。



back to school翻译「back to school的用法详解」

a. 你去哪儿了?

b. 买衣服了吗?

c. 你们都忙着买学校用品了吗?

d. 你发现什么好买卖了吗?

e. 最近孩子们都喜欢些什么?

f. 你也有那种回到学校的感觉吗?

g. 你的孩子想要什么牌子的鞋子或衣服?


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